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Top 5 TV Series About Time Travel

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Time Travelers, a Netflix series, is a new Netflix show that follows time traveller operatives in a postapocalyptic future. Their mission is stop society's downfall by traveling back in time to change events. It features Eric McCormack (starring), Mackenzie Porter (starring), and Nesta cooper (starring). In the show, the Time Travelers live in the body of a person at the moment of their death. Their mission is important, so they must not lose sight of it.


Continuum stars Rachel Nichols in the role of a futuristic policeman trapped in our present. The series is about time travel and the paradoxes associated with it. But the series also focuses on human nature, love, sacrifice, and love. This sci-fi drama also features excellent acting. The characters are likeable and relatable. But its storyline is a little complicated and the time paradoxes can make it difficult to follow at times.

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Life on Mars

Life on Mars is the best TV show for people who love time travel. The BBC series premiered in February 2008 and ended in 2011, with three series. The show's protagonists travel back in time in hopes of improving the world in the present. They discover that the past isn’t always as idyllic as they thought. This is the model that the new Doctor Who series follows.

Barry Allen

Barry Allen's abilities to time travel can be very impressive in his TV show, "The Flash." Not only can he move and think at light speed, but his body also vibrates at an extremely high speed, making it possible for him to travel through time and walls. He also has the ability heal himself much faster that a normal human being. This makes him an exceptional superhero.

The 4400

"4400" is a television series based on the concept of time travel and supernatural powers. After years of being absent, a group returns to the same place. They are a group of people with unique skills, but they all have one thing in common: they are all 4400. The show features time travel and supernatural healing abilities.

Timecop, NBC

Although the name "Timecop" sounds simple, this show is far from it. It's a cliché and the main characters aren’t even interesting. The Time Enforcement Commission, or TEC, hires a policeman to hunt down rogue criminals who travel through the past. He must also deal with a corrupt senator, who is trying to take advantage of the past to finance his presidential campaign. The show aired 13 episodes before it was cancelled.

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NBC's Voyagers!

In 1982, NBC promoted Voyagers! Voyagers! was one of NBC's new shows. The network placed pictorial ads in TV Guide, the most renowned magazine of the time, during fall television season 1982. The show did not make the mark advertised and was rated last by Nielsen. As a result, TV Guide was quick to criticize NBC for false advertising.


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Top 5 TV Series About Time Travel