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Top 5 TV Shows about Time Travel

popular 80s television shows

Time Travelers is a new show on Netflix that follows time-traveling operatives from a post-apocalyptic future. Their mission is stop society's downfall by traveling back in time to change events. It stars Eric McCormack. Mackenzie Porter. Nesta Cooper. The Time Travelers can live in the body a person takes at the time of their death. Their mission is important, so they must not lose sight of it.


Continuum is an exciting new sci-fi series that stars Rachel Nichols as a police officer from the future trapped in our time. The series is all about time travel, and the paradoxes that may occur when time travel is involved. However, the series is also about human nature, love, and sacrifice. This sci-fi show also boasts excellent acting, and its characters are likable and realistic. However, the storyline is complicated at times. The time paradoxes can also make it difficult for viewers to follow.

popular netflix series

Life on Mars

Life on Mars is a fun TV show about time travel. The BBC series debuted in February 2008 and was completed in three series in 2011. The series' protagonists travel back to the past in an attempt to improve the world today. They discover that the past isn’t always as idyllic as they thought. This is the model the new Doctor Who series will follow.

Barry Allen

The time-traveling abilities of Barry Allen in the TV show "The Flash" can be quite impressive. He can move and think at lightning speed and his body vibrates at high speed. This makes it possible to travel through time, walls, and other places. He also has the ability to heal himself much faster than a normal human being, making him an exceptional superhero.

The 4400

"4400", a television series, is based upon the concepts of time travel as well as supernatural powers. After being away for many years, the show follows a small group of people who return home to the same place. They are a group of people with unique skills, but they all have one thing in common: they are all 4400. This show not only features time travel but also supernatural healing abilities.

Timecop by NBC

It's easy to say "Timecop," but the show is anything but. It's a tired trope, and the main characters themselves are not even interesting. The Time Enforcement Commission has hired a policeman to search for rogue criminals traveling through time. He must also deal with a corrupt senator, who is trying to take advantage of the past to finance his presidential campaign. The show aired 13 episodes before it was cancelled.

television shows from the 80s

NBC's Voyagers!

In 1982, NBC promoted Voyagers! Voyagers was promoted by NBC during the fall TV season. It placed pictorial ads within TV Guide, the most popular magazine at the time. Unfortunately, the show didn't make the same impact as advertised and fell to the bottom of the Nielsen ratings. TV Guide was quick criticize NBC's misleading advertising.


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Now that you've got the basics down, it's time for your first TV Commercial.


Top 5 TV Shows about Time Travel