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Romantic Comedy Genre's Top Couple Shows

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The heart of sitcoms has always been romantic relationships. Comedy is a great way to show how characters react to each other. The best series in this genre feature fictional couples, with or without children. Some of the best series in this genre include Friends, Mad About You, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

The Mindy Project's Mitch - Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cam - Eric Stonestreet

Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), Mitch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are the main characters on ABC's sitcom "The Mindy Project." While they were married once upon a time, the couple is still deeply in love. The couple got engaged during the series’ first season. Both Mitch and Cam are in a relationship, but they also disagree with each other. Despite their differences the two managed to find the perfect balance and become one.

You're the Worst Gretchen (Aya cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere).

FX's You're the Best is a new comedy series that's great, but it also has a dark side. The series pokes fun at the romantic comedy genre with a healthy dose of hardened cynicism. The jaded look at a budding relationship is a great way to earn laughs in a comedy about two wildly self-centered people.

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The Bachelor's romantic-com structure

The Bachelor is not a romantic comedy. It does contain elements of a rom-com, such as its structure. It's not a complete failure. The Bachelor is a rom-com that has some romance elements.

Married at First Sight

"Married at First Sight" is a Danish TV program that follows people who commit marriage to strangers. Matchmaking involves scientific methods to find the right match. The couple will not meet until their wedding day. The show follows the couple's honeymoons and their weddings. The couple must ultimately decide if they want stay together or to move on.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This couple show focuses on relationships. Rebecca Bunch, the main character, deals with mental illness and her search for love. The drama is not limited to Rebecca and Josh. Rebecca's friends are also affected. Greg Fontana, Rebecca's friend, is very interested in her. Greg falls for her. Rebecca falls for Paula (Vella Loll) and is mistakenly in love. However, Paula isn't buying Rebecca's story.

The Mindy Project

The Mindy project is a very popular sitcom. It follows a number of different characters. Mindy is played by Chris Messina as Dr. Ben and Chelsea as her best friend. They enjoy a lot of banter and physical chemistry. The two are also very sweet together, especially when they perform together on stage. One of their most memorable moments is the moment when they share an intimate kiss in the cockpit.

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Fleabag couples are sexy and sexually diverse. The Fleabag couple is characterized by an aggressive, self-absorbed man and an obnoxious sex god. They also share many flaws. They are nevertheless a great and loving couple.


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Romantic Comedy Genre's Top Couple Shows