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Netflix has cooking shows

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Netflix has a variety of cooking shows that you can watch. You can learn how to make different foods from different cultures and regions. These shows include Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Pork Belly Rhapsody In Korea, Sugar Rush, Cooking with Jon Favreau, and many others.

Jon Favreau, Chef

Chef with Jon Favreau on Netflix is an American cooking show that premiered on June 7th, 2019. This show was inspired by Favreau's training with Roy Choi as part of his preparation for the 2014 film Chef. The celebrity chef also shares his passion for cooking in a humorous way.

There are several cities that the series takes place in. Favreau was especially interested the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, which he visited with Iron Man costar Robert Downey Jr.

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Salt, Fat and Acid. Heat

You can find a new way of eating well by watching one of the Netflix cooking shows. This TV series adapts Samin's bestseller cookbook. It focuses on the four essential ingredients that make food taste good. It features cuisines from all corners of the world, including California, Japan and Italy. While the show mainly features women, it does feature a few men.

Salt Fat Acid Heat follows Samin Nosrat who travels the globe in search of the four ingredients that make great cooking. This show is about incorporating these elements, and it's a refreshing departure from other cooking shows that can seem intimidating. Nosrat opens her kitchen to viewers, stating that "cooking' is accessible to everyone."

Pork Belly Rhapsody Korea

Pork Belly Rhapsody in Korean is a Netflix documentary series that explores the cultural and societal impact of this popular Korean dish. Each episode is 45 minutes long, but covers a lot. Paik Jong-Won is the series' narration and takes viewers along on a journey through Korean cuisine's history. He explains the use of certain breeds to enhance the flavour and aroma of the dish.

This documentary explores pork belly, a popular Korean food. It also explains how it is made and why Koreans love it. Pork Belly Rhapsody, a LGBTQ-themed Korean documentary about a pianist and a singer who fall for each other, is also included.

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Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a Netflix baking competition series with a fast-paced format. The series premiered July 2019 and features professional and amateur bakers competing in a contest for a $10,000 prize. The show is hosted by Adriano Zumbo and Candace Nelson, and features guest judges from the baking world.

Each season features a guest judge. Sugar Rush Season 3 features different contestants. The same format will be used.


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Netflix has cooking shows