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Netflix Has a Great Selection of LGBTQ Movies

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Netflix is the perfect place for LGBTQ movies. Netflix has some of the most popular movies in this genre. They also have a wide range of movies that will appeal for different audiences. One example is "Philadelphia", a wonderful drama that won Tom Hanks the Oscar for best actor. Another is "The Danish Girl," a film that won an Oscar and starred Alicia Vikander. Netflix has many other excellent international films.

The Invisible Thread

Netflix's "The Invisible Thread", a Netflix original, examines the problems faced by identical-sex families, and the power that love can bring out the best in people. Although it is a story of great drama with heavy themes, there are also many funny moments. In one scene, Simone and Paolo tear up their prized possessions. Though it's a heartbreaking scene, it's also hilarious.

It's a Sin

It's a Sin is a compelling and uplifting Netflix movie. Russell T. Davies wrote this British drama. It follows four friends who explore their sexuality in the AIDS epidemic of 1980s London. Olly Alexandra, Years & Years frontman is also in the film. It is a captivating study in friendship and love and serves to remind us all how AIDS has impacted so many.

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The graphic novel Alice Oseman inspired this Heartstopper lgbt movie. The story is about a transgender cis-lesbian who falls in lust with a trans girl. Although it acknowledges homophobia or transphobia, the film focuses more on the joy and love that these two people feel.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex Girlfriend, an award winning comedy series from Rachel Bloom, is the perfect movie to check out this summer. The film features prominent queer narratives and tackles issues such female sexuality, mental health and parenting.

Let it be

Netflix's Let It Be is a brand new film that explores the relationships between lesbians from African America. This Spike Lee protege follows Alike, a talented daughter of a religious faith, as she struggles with her sexuality. She follows out friend Laura into the world of African-American lesbians. While she's there she meets Bina who helps her navigate both her sexuality and her identity in Africa-American lesbians.


Elite could be the perfect LGBT movie to stream on Netflix. The film is an exploration of homophobia and internalised homophobia, and it integrates queer storylines seamlessly. It also discusses the role played by parents and families in the coming out process and the struggles queer youth face when trying to make it happen.

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Netflix will release the Bruised lgbt movie on 24 November 2021. It stars Halle Berry as a former mixed martial arts fighter, who is also bisexual. It is full of thrilling action, heart-racing thrills and human storytelling. Halle Berry does a great job as a single mother, boxer washed up, and human being seeking meaning in her life.


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Netflix Has a Great Selection of LGBTQ Movies