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These TV Shows Will Make You Smile: Examples of Happy TV Shows

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It's easy to smile with TV shows that make you happy. These shows mimic many of the real-life scenarios. They can even make you smile just by thinking about them. For 22 minutes, you can forget all of your worries and just have a good time. Here are some examples of happy TV shows that will make you smile:

Feel Good

There are many options for funny and clever shows to choose from. A semi-autobiographical comedy series about the perils and perks of modern sexuality and gender identity, Feel Good tells the story of recovering addict and comedian Mae Martin and her love affair with the comedian Charlotte Ritchie. Feel Good also stars a variety of guest stars such as Liv Tyler, Lena Dunham, or Liv Tyler.

This comedy series will make Saturday afternoons more enjoyable. They are all quite real and you will find something to laugh at in them. Not only are the main characters played by actors and comedians, but the secondary characters are also performed by comedians or actors. Feel Good is a lighthearted, mature comedy that's perfect for sharing with family and friends.

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Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder Goes Forth was the fourth series in the hit BBC sitcom Blackadder. It was written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton and aired on BBC from 28 September to 2 November 1989. It starred Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, and Squizzy as the charming pranksters Blackadder & Squizzy. Despite its atypical premise, the series was a hit with audiences.

It features Miranda Richardson, the Queen of Blackadder II. RikMayall is the mysterious Commander Flashheart. John Cleese is the charming, cocky blacksmith. It's well-known for its clever humor, which has earned it a place in the top ten of TV's classics. Critical acclaim has been given to the series' unforgettable final scene. This is considered one the best scenes in the series.

The New Prince of Bel-Air

Superbowl Sunday marked the premier of Peacock’s reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series centers on Will, a young basketball player who is forced by his aunt to live with him and his uncle in West Philadelphia after an altercation. Peacock is promising to offer a contemporary take on Will's character. Will's good nature is as contagious as his temper, and the series will explore his struggle with his new identity as an African-American.

The theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, written by Will Smith with QDIII, is a catchy, upbeat track. It is Smith's composition and shares a similar chord structure with Will's original. The songs first three episodes were recorded uncut. Smith is credited only for the second version, which is nearly 2 minutes in length. The other version was released in the Netherlands in 1992 at 3:23 and reached number 3.

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The Six Feet Under

"The Six Feet Under", a delightful example of a show which will make you smile while also making you think, is a great example. This show explores the human condition, and asks us to question our choices. While it is funny, the show is also very thought-provoking. It is a beautiful reflection of American lifestyle. It's one of the few television shows that can get us thinking about the meanings of life.

This dark comedy/drama centers on a dysfunctional family that runs a funeral home. The thirteen-episode series is suitable for mature audiences. The best way to watch it is in two-to-three hour segments spread over 21 days. Some episodes are so long it's impossible to watch all of them, but they are well worth the wait. To catch the entire series, you should watch at least three episodes each day.


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These TV Shows Will Make You Smile: Examples of Happy TV Shows