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Check out the Top 10 New Shows to Catch in the First Quarter of 2010.

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TV delivered with a TV show that featured a supervillain and made him a hero, a queer pirate comedy series, a TV sitcom about elementary school life starring Julian Fellowes, along with a reimagining for the workplace. A slew of new shows were also introduced.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video features a wide range of TV shows. There's something for everyone at the Prime platform, from Emmy-winning series to '90s spinoffs. You're sure find something to tickle your fancy, from horror to comedy.


Netflix has many great shows for you to choose from. Stranger Things will be one of the most discussed shows on Netflix this fall. This show follows the lives of characters from different parts of the world.

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Original scripted series are known for being both high-quality and somewhat unconventional. AMC has produced several highly acclaimed dramas. Their shows have often exceeded expectations. AMC's most loved shows include The Walking Dead (prequel), Better Call Saul (prequel), and The Walking Dead: Prequel. AMC+ streaming service has many shows, including animated ones.

Charlie Hunnam

There are many new shows that Charlie Hunnam can be seen on, so you have plenty of options. Charlie Hunnam has many memorable roles to choose, from his recent role in King Arthur to his brief appearance in?Whatever Happened? Harold Smith? Below is a list with some of the most memorable Charlie Hunnam movies and shows.


This month, HBO Max added some of the best new shows on television. Good Behavior, featuring Michelle Dockery playing a troubled detective is one of the top new shows. The show's story centers around the disappearance a young girl and her murder. It follows the investigator as she attempts to determine the truth of the crime while dealing with the horrific suicide of her child.


NBC hosts some of the top new TV shows. These shows are perfect for anyone who likes political humor and satire. Consider these shows if time is short.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" had a difficult start but has grown into a successful series. Gene Roddenberry was the original creator of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although it began as a pale imitation, the show quickly developed its own identity, and it became a popular TV series.

Hulu's "Ramy"

Hulu's original drama series Ramy was nominated for three Emmys. A hazmat-clad attendant took its trophies. This series explores modern Egyptian-American identity as well as what it means to be an Islamic good Muslim. There will be many firsts in the third season.


Does TV affect sales?

Because TV allows customers to see the products available, it can affect sales.

Customers often compare prices before they buy something. A product advertisement might make consumers think, "I wonder what I could afford?"

How long does it usually take to make a commercial

It all depends on how large the project is. One person might be required to film a small project, while a larger project could require several hundred people.

A 30-second spot takes on average between 2-5 Days to complete.

How do TV Ads get delivered?

Most TV ads are delivered by cable, satellite, IPTV or over-the-air broadcast.

There are many methods to reach consumers today. However, it is not common for companies to choose the best way to distribute advertising.

This is because they all evaluate the same metrics before deciding on which delivery method to choose.

If you want to measure ad effectiveness via viewing time, you will need to ensure that your advertisement is available on as many platforms and devices as possible.

If your goal is to measure ad effectiveness using impressions, you will need to ensure that your ads reach as many people as possible.

The problem is that the two methods do not always match up.

For instance, if you're delivering an advertisement on multiple platforms, but only one platform delivers high-quality video, then you may end up getting fewer views from that particular platform.

You might miss some opportunities if you only look at time as a measure of your success.


  • 93 percent of American adults listen to the radio over the course of the week. (marketingevolution.com)
  • Television is a great brand awareness tool - Almost every American has a television, with 83 percent of adults having two or more, and American households keep their televisions on for 8.1 hours each day on average. (marketingevolution.com)
  • Video-ad views on OTT (over-the-top) devices grew 63% year over year in Q3 2016, and the trend is expected to continue, further crippling traditional TV advertising. (clearcode.cc)
  • Not to mention, sales rose an incredible 11% following the launch of this commercial. (qualitylogoproducts.com)
  • This includes 97 percent of Gen X, and 95 percent of Millennials. (marketingevolution.com)

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How can I make money from my TV commercial?

There are many ways to make money with your TV commercial. You can earn money through a variety of means, including:

Advertising - This refers to any paid promotion that encourages viewers to watch your commercial.

After viewing your commercial, Merchandising is the selling of merchandise that has a connection to your product.

Licensing – This refers a licensing of your commercial so that others businesses can use them in their own promotions.

Syndication - This refers to syndicating your commercial to other networks.

Advertising revenue can pay production costs. It can also provide funding for future projects.

Advertising can bring in significant income but it does not guarantee a return.

You must first identify the types of advertising that you are eligible to use in order to make money from your TV commercial. Then, you should learn more about each option before choosing one.

Next, you should figure out where you would like to place your commercial. Do you wish to advertise on popular shows like sitcoms and sports games? You might prefer to target younger people by placing your ad near children's TV shows.

Finally, you should decide whether you want to produce your own commercial or purchase one from a third party. If you plan to create your own commercial, you'll need to find a professional who can write the script, direct the actors, and edit the final product. You can save time and money by purchasing pre-made commercials.

You should decide how you want your commercial to look after that. Then, start looking at other options. These are some important things to keep in mind when choosing an advertising medium.

Target Audience: This is the most common way to market to a specific demographic. You can advertise to children, teenagers, young people, middle-aged men or women over fifty years old, for example.

This is where the key lies in finding the right audience to place your advertisement. Targeting people who aren’t interested is a waste of money.

You should consider the potential audience for your commercial when deciding where to place it. For example, if you're planning on advertising during a sporting event, you might want to place your commercial at the beginning of the game. This will ensure that everyone who attends the event sees your commercial.

You may need to consider other options if your goal is to reach people living outside of your region. For a wider audience, satellite dishes and cable television can be used to broadcast your commercial.

Production Costs: Most companies pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for each minute of commercial television. They charge advertisers a fee depending on the length of the spot.

One example is that a company may want to air commercial airtime for 30 second. Typically, this will cost $1,500. For 60 seconds they'll be charged $2,500.

You can expect to spend between $3,000 and $15,000. If you want to create your own commercials. In addition, you'll need to hire a director, writer, producer, editor, and actors.

Time frame - This is another important factor to consider when choosing an advertisement method. If your goal is to sell products in a week, then you will not be able wait until the Super Bowl to start airing commercials. Choose a fast advertising method instead.

To reap long-term exposure you will need to invest time and effort in creating a quality commercial.

Cost per view - You should also consider the cost of each viewer viewing your commercial. This is dependent on the audience size and how many views you receive.

An example is a commercial that attracts 10 million viewers. It will be more expensive to produce a commercial that receives only 1,000 views.

Compare all the factors to find out which one is most effective for you. The following tips can be used to help you get started after you have chosen a strategy.


Check out the Top 10 New Shows to Catch in the First Quarter of 2010.