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Hulu Has Launched FX on Hulu

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Hulu is an American streaming website. The streaming service just launched a new hub from FX Networks for its content. All subscribers can access the service at no additional charge. To enjoy Hulu's content, subscribe to FX for free if you don’t have it.

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Hulu just launched FX on Hulu, a new service that will provide exclusive American content for its subscribers. FX Networks from Disney has launched the service. It was launched on March 2, 2020. Hulu subscribers are eligible to access the service for no additional charge.

In addition to the Hulu originals, FX on Hulu will feature cringe comedies such as Dave and Pen15. The streaming service will feature dystopian dramas like Y: The Last Man or The Handmaid's Tale. While the networks are operated separately, some programming overlaps between them.

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FX will be launching several new series exclusively on Hulu. Alex Garland’s Devs premieres March 2, while Martin Freeman’s comedy Breeders debuts April 15. Jeff Bridge's The Old Man has yet to receive a streaming premiere date. The service will also stream episodes of American Horror Story after they air on FX.

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Hulu has launched its own streaming service for FX, the American network. It will be available for Hulu subscribers for no additional charge. Hulu subscribers can view the FX network programming, which Disney owns, by becoming a member.

Hulu and Disney reached an agreement at a time both companies are under increasing pressure to expand their direct-to consumer business. Disney recently bought Fox, an important player in the family friendly streaming space. However, the company also wants to attract more adult subscribers. Hulu has about 30 million US subscribers. This is roughly half of Netflix's domestic audience.

Hulu fx a offers an extensive list of films and TV shows, including new releases and original movies. A variety of streaming services are available, including Netflix, Apple TV and Disney+. Many of the most popular TV series are available on a variety platforms, including Hulu.

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Its content

Hulu is working to improve its original content in order to compete with Amazon Prime and Netflix. Bob Iger, Disney CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that FX would be a key content drive for Hulu moving forward. FX content will also be included in the Hulu monthly subscription.

Hulu content won't include the marketing tag "FX on Hulu". FX content will instead be called FX. FX on Hulu is one of the first experiments made by Disney/Fox.

Hulu subscribers will now have access to FX Networks' extensive library of critically-acclaimed TV shows. This deal opens the door to new FX series being added to the streaming service. Subscribers can watch FX series episodes hours after they air on linear TV.


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Hulu Has Launched FX on Hulu