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Top 10 TV Series for 2019

best tv shows 2020

Television in 2019 was a record-breaking year, with more than 500 original scripted series estimated to have aired. It was a year in which the best shows were humbling, but there were also some surprises, and plenty of new faces to keep an eye on.

Top 10 TV series of 2019

The Central Park Five was Ava DuVernay’s unforgettable social drama. It re-framed the story about a group of teenage boys who were subjected to rape, assault and other charges. The show confronted its subject matter but it also attacked a society which believed that "the systems" were a solution and not an obstacle.

It was also one the most feminist crime series that I have ever seen. The HBO show's focus on women and girls within the criminal justice system has changed how I view policing. It's impossible for me to watch this show without thinking about how women are treated in general and how the system treats people of color in particular.

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Season two of Barry was even more tense and deeply funny, as Barry learned that his murderous past can't be erased by the illusion of a new life. This season was a masterpiece in letting tragedy lead comedy. The show was able make fun of its darkest moments and even experience an epiphany moment, when Barry's entire life is revealed.

This show addressed all major issues in an era of intense political upheaval. It tackled everything from racism and gender politics, to sexism and sexual abuse. It's not often that a comedy series can do so much, but this season, which was written and directed by Bill Hader, offered up an honest look at the ways that our most basic human needs and desires can be thwarted and exploited.

This satire is both funny and disturbing. It is impossible to watch it without feeling uncomfortable. Although it's a bit dated with an emphasis on the quotable lines that were its strength, it still manages keep you on your edge of the seat.

It's possible to be completely hooked. But it's also possible that you will find yourself laughing at your own inability to entertain yourself. This is a wonderful show that blends comedy and drama with a quick wit. It's one you will be happy to watch over and again.

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Legends of Tomorrow, another TV drama that is a must-see for fans of TV dramas, is also a must. Legends of Tomorrow is an entertaining show that revels in outrageous twists and characters you wouldn't like in real life. However, it never allows them to get out of control. It's a show you will be shouting at your television with joy and incredulity. You'll want more.


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Top 10 TV Series for 2019